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The Minocqua Police Department will be hosting its 4th Annual Citizens Academy.
Anyone who lives, works or plays in the Minocqua area will get the opportunity to participate in an 8 week course led by the Officers of the Minocqua Police Department.
Those enrolled will get the opportunity to learn about several different areas of law enforcement.

These areas include Firearms, DAAT (defense and arrest tactics), Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), Patrol procedures, and more. Students in the academy will have the opportunity to have classroom instruction as well as hands on scenario based training.

This community policing program is designed to help bring a closer relationship between Law Enforcement and the citizens of Minocqua whom we are sworn to protect.

The Citizens Academy will be held EVERY Tuesday from March 6th thru March 3rd from 6PM-10PM. Applications are now available on our webpage or by contacting the Minocqua Police Department. Please see the link below for a printable version of the application.  Applications should be dropped off at the police department.


If you have any questions or problems getting an application please contact the Minocqua Police Department at number below.

Thank you!

Contact Person:       Officer Daniel Littleton

                                 (715) 356-3234 ext. 334