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St. Matthias Thrift Shop donation
May 06, 2015

St. Matthias Thrift Shop Funds Purchase of Body Cameras 
For the Minocqua Police Department
With recent events that have been occurring around the country, the Minocqua Police Department has come to the realization that body cameras are needed for the Officers of our Department.  This is not only a need but an expectation of the public to provide a better service to the citizens of our Community and those that visit.  
There are several reasons to utilize body cameras.  Fundamentally, they provide accurate documentation of events, actions, conditions, and statements made during stop and/or arrest situations as well as other incidents in which our officer(s) may be involved, so as to enhance officer’s reports, collection of evidence, and court testimony. Furthermore, they strengthen our Department’s ability to review probable cause for arrest and arrest procedures; they substantiate officer/subject contacts for the purposes of training, officer evaluation, and re-evaluation of policies and procedures; and finally, body cameras provide added protection against claims of police misconduct filed by citizens.
In April of 2015, the Minocqua Police Department was approached by a volunteer of the St. Matthias Thrift Shop, Albert Ames.  Ames stated he had read an article about body cameras for law enforcement officers.  Ames informed the Department of a possible funding opportunity through the St. Matthias Thrift Shop for purchase of the body cameras.  The Minocqua Police Department then approached the St. Matthias Thrift Shop in hopes that it would support funding the purchase of body cameras for the Minocqua Police Department Officers to wear while on duty. 
The St. Matthias Thrift Shop generously agreed to fund the purchase of the body cameras and in doing so has shown an overwhelming support for the Minocqua Police Department and our community.  With this support, the St. Matthias Thrift Shop has assisted the Minocqua Police Department in the accomplishment of our mission:
“The Minocqua Police Department will enhance the quality of life in the community through our service to the public, protection of persons and property, impartial enforcement of the law, and partnership with the community.”
Not only does the support from the St. Matthias Thrift Shop assist in the accomplishment of the Minocqua Police Department’s mission, it demonstrates the ongoing drive of the Minocqua Police Department in partnership with the St. Matthias Thrift Shop to provide a top notch service to the community in which we serve.  The Minocqua Police Department is sincerely grateful for the support from such a wonderful business.
On April 28, 2015 at approximately 1:00 PM the St. Matthias Thrift Shop presented the Minocqua Police Department with a donation of $10,740.00 for the purchase of 12 personal recorders (Watch Guard VISTA) to be worn by the Minocqua Police Department Officers.  
Contact Person: David J Jaeger, Chief of Police
                          (715) 356-3234

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